Kamra model town is a mega project of Universal Associates (Reg). At only 10 minutes drive from Kamra cantt, Kamra model town lies on the main Attock road. An extremely attractive and picturesque location makes it a jewel in the crown of Universal Associates (Reg). With our guarantee of peace and tranquility it has earned a very good response from the masses. Power supply with 1 Km HT line, 100 M roads demarcation have been completed. Site office, Engineers office and workshop for heavy machinery have been built GWC’s services have been hired for installation of tube-wells. Four spots have been notified and verified which are capable to produce 60000 gallons of water pre hour. The whole project is comprised of three blocks (Phase # 1, Phase # 2 and Prime block). A vast tract of land has been specified for sports complex, graveyard, parks, mini club, community center and swimming pool. Each sector will have its own commercial area, mosque and security system. We believe that this project of diverse facilities will come up to the expectations of the masses and INSHALLAH we will prove it as a small tract of paradise on earth. Al-Chisti Associates, renowned as Engineer Abdul Kaleem Quraishi services have been acquired to help in designing planning and development of our projects. Project development is regularly under the supervision of the Al-Chisti Associates.

Project Developments

Starting Developments in Kamra Model Town:

  • Preparation and designing of a comprehensive layout plan for the town by well refuted and experienced engineers.
  • Power supply with 1 Km HT line.
  • Construction of site office, Engineers office and workshop for heavy machinery.
  • Conducting electrical resistivity survey through GWC, to assess the groundwater potential and select feasible points for the installation of tube wells.
  • Preparation of designs of main gateway, model houses of different sizes and mosques.

In this world of myriad day to day problems, it’s very difficult for a common man to keep both ends meet. The whole world is in the grip of recession. Unemployment is the biggest problem even in the developed countries. Million of people lose their jobs on daily basis resulting in anxiety and depression. In such uncertain circumstances, personal business is a great blessing of Allah with the grace of Almighty Allah we have ventured this project to provide people with golden opportunities for a safe and profitable investment.


  • 110 Feet wide road, 40, 50, 60 and 75 feet wide roads and streets
  • Availbility of Electricity, Gas & Water
  • Best sewerage system
  • Boundary wall
  • In each sector Par, Masjid & Commercial area
  • 24Hrs transport facility
  • Wide graveyard
  • Hospitals, Schools, Madrasas, Mini Club & Community center
  • Perfect security plan
  • Fire Brigage & Post Office
  • CNG, Swimming Pool, Restaurant & Wedding Hall
  • Grounds for Cricket, Hockey & Football

Message of the M.D

We extremely grateful to all our respected friends, colleagues and clients whose unshakable trust in our projects makes us proud. As it is our creed to always trust in Allah and with the blessings of Almighty we have fulfilled our promises. It was our word to our clients to start development in Kamra model town and now it has been started power supply to the whole project area has been completed with 1 Km HT line. Sites for tube wells installation have been searched and notified, capable of providing 60000 gallons of water per hour. Site office has been constructed, workshop for heavy machinery is being built and INSHALLAH all the promises will be fulfilled very shortly. Takbeer Colony is already a developed area with all the basic facilities of electricity, Gas and roads etc.

Dear Clients!

Your trust is our success and our success your prosperity. We believe in team work and for this purpose we have acquired professional staff which is devoted, committed and sincere in the discharge of their legitimate duties. Success cannot be commanded, but let me assure you that with the grace of Allah, with your cooperation and through our hardwork, I and my team will never disappoint you.

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